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Indi Moda was founded by Manasi Kabadi, influenced by the Indian culture she grew up in, out of sheer need to look good and look herself. 19 year old something Manasi had just started her internship as a professional consultant frequently visiting large corporates in her boring formal attire of black trouser and blazer. She aspired to dress up like the female corporate leaders who in a large crowd of men looked every bit of the 3C's classy, confident and chic in their ethnic clothing. Her need to achieve the 3C look made her hunt for a store that catered to her creative Indian side fitting her small wallet.
On further deliberations , she realized that this was a void in the life of many women. Realising this she took it on herself to create and build a lifestyle brand that catered to creative, educated and sophisticated 25-55 year-old women.
'Indi' being a bright young lady & 'Moda' being a spanish word for 'fashion', Manasi launched Indi Moda fashion store in the central heart of Mumbai, India. Indi Moda's mission is to make every woman look unique and elegant in her everyday wear. Our customer is someone who values her comfort & her style. She doesn't care for trends followed by the masses. She wants to be in a constant journey of portraying her unique self to the world. We offer a range of products from kurtas, dresses, dupattas, stoles, pants, palazzos, etc. in a dupatta or a stole that will turn heads making you shine.

Our Values 

Assured Quality

Only the best quality fabric, thread and colour  are used to make our long lasting products. We make our products with utmost care without compromising on quality.


Unique Style/Design

Head-turning designs that women can call as their own. We are always on the hunt for something new and something creative that will make the women stand out.

Affordable Price

Our products are priced at the value it delivers to the customer, ensuring that the prices are wallet friendly. Customers pay only for the value they receive.

Indian Culture

One stop access to diverse Indian ethnic fashion from every nook and corner of India. Our products are close to the Indian culture.

Our Founder

Manasi Kabadi - Founder @indimodafashions
Manasi Kabadi 
 Driving Force
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Our Stockist

We stock a limited range of products with below mentioned stores